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Becoming an Omak Lion
Admissions Process
  1. Turn in your completed application and completed tuition forms, along with the new student fee* ($50) via in-person, email, or mail: 102A Tower St. Suite A, Riverside, WA 98849. 
    2. The administration will contact you directly to schedule an interview and academic placement testing. 
    3. After completion of both your child’s interview and testing, OCS Administration will contact you within 15 
business days regarding the status of your enrollment application. 

    4. Upon application approval, your enrollment fee** ($250), must be paid in full within 10 business days. 

     5. Upon application approval, your family will also receive a welcome packet via email, including all additional paperwork needed to complete your enrollment. 

     6. Complete and turn in your child’s immunization record, medical form, and any additional paperwork included in your welcome packet. This must occur before they can officially enter their classroom. This includes the opt-out form.
Please email us for more information regarding our applications and enrollment process.

Important Dates for Applicants

Tuition - due on the 1st of every month

Interview- Administration will contact you to schedule an interview time
Enrollment Fees - due within 10 days of application acceptance/approval

Placement Testing - Administration will contact you to schedule an academic placement test

Applications - accepted throughout the school year

Experience a Day
of School

Once your application has been submitted, and your interview completed, we will schedule a day for you and your student(s) to visit a classroom and get acquainted with OCS procedures and policies.*

*Only upon availability.

Personal Interviews

Once an application is accepted, an appointment will be made for the student and parents to be interviewed with the school administrator or staff representative.

New Student
Placement Tests

Students will participate in a grade-appropriate test to assess their cognitive skills which will better assist OCS in the student's grade placement.


There is no deadline for applications, but applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served, basis (depending on qualifying pre-requisites).

New Students Apply Here

If you are a parent of a new student, please apply here

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